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Northern Connecticut: Litchfield, Hartford, Tolland and Windham Counties

Southern Connecticut: Fairfield, New Haven, Middlesex and New London Counties

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Health and Wellness Programs and Services
Northern Connecticut:  

Acuity Hearing Solutions LLC - Dr. Willa Horowitz, AuD

Dr. Horowitz offers diagnostic hearing testing and remediation of hearing disorders working in the necessary, user-friendly and trending new/old model of house calls. Treating individuals who are unable to travel to office-based appointments for reasons of health, lack of transportation and the pandemic. Untreated hearing loss results in direct negative impact on quality of life, health, relationships, job performance and may be mistaken for dementia. There is a danger of misunderstanding medical care and therapy may not achieve desired outcomes. Hearing loss is socially isolating. You can reach her at: (203) 640-2198

About Acuity Hearing Solutions LLC | Contact Dr. Willa Horowitz, AuD for Help & Information

Dr. Willa Horowitz, AuD
Southern Connecticut:  

We can provide you contact with various elder care services in Southern Connecticut. Although this area is temporarily without a member to assist you we can still help you solve any concerns or problems you may have. Please contact the Connecticut Care Planning Council by clicking on the link below.

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